What are the advantages of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

It can be difficult to choose the perfect new air conditioning system. If you are looking for a system that provides both heating and cooling, then you would do well to consider ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning.

What exactly is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

The reverse cycle air conditioner performs both heating and cooling functions. So, this system allows you to either cool down a house in the summer or warm it up in the winter with a single device. A ducted system uses a central unit installed on your rooftop powered by a compressor situated outside the house. Inside the house will be a series of outlets connected to an indoor unit via ductwork. So, what are the advantages of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

This type of system is cost-effective in terms of electricity consumption because it uses heat absorbed from the surrounding air without consuming any fuel. Because of this, reverse cycle air conditioning can transfer three or more units of heat from every unit of electricity used during its operation. This makes it much cheaper to run than direct element heaters. Furthermore, rather than buying separate devices for heating and cooling this system gives you both both in one device. So, even if the initial cost of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is higher than other heaters, it will save you money in the long run.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are a greener choice.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are a greener choice as they only produce one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters. This is because these systems firstly exchange heat with air outside, and secondly, they use a thermostat to regulate temperature. These systems also typically offer an option to separately control the temperature of each area within a building. In fact, new air conditioners carry a range of features that improve their energy efficiency. It’s also important to hire a professional to install your system as this can make a big difference in energy efficiency.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners save you space.

As you have only installed one device for both heating and cooling you will save space. Ducted air conditioning vents blend in with your rooms while the ducting is hidden in the ceiling cavity. you won’t even notice the presence of a quality installation. You should be able to just sit back and enjoy all the benefits that a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning offers.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners filter and dehumidify air.

Finally, a reverse cycle air conditioning system can filter and dehumidify the air. Overall, this makes your living or working environment cleaner, more pleasant, and healthier as it removes any circulating dust particles. This is of course of particular benefit to people who suffer from any type of chronic respiratory issue like asthma. So, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems offer you an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient option, heating and cooling modes, easy thermostat control, and filtered and dehumidified air.

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