The 7 Highest-Paying Carrer in Australia

General Counsel         

Nowadays, it’s of no use of keeping a secret that that the law is the most high paying industries. General Counsels seems to have been discovered who come out of the top legal professionals. Nevertheless they seem to be working in top 1000 listed company in ASX. This clearly states that you are working for recognised company. As a result you get a clear idea that is you are not providing that is you are not a law firm giving legal advice to people.

A general counsel is the head lawyer of the department. Nevertheless it can be inside a company or a authorized government department. As a fresher’s it usually requires 10 years to obtain this position in the industry. Considering the pay scale on a average $40000 is spent. In house generals take home $249000 that is roughly $2493 a week.


With high risk and complexity involved, its of no hidden facts that anaesthetists becomes more valuable in the marketplace.  Anaesthetists are general doctors who assist the doctors in general or local anaesthetists.


Another high demanding job of the decade is of cardiologists. They research regarding the hearts conditions and blood vessels. They provide proper treatment and specialize in diagnosing its causes. Nevertheless their role also includes in organizing tests and conducting surgeries. They are paid a handsome salary

General Manager/project manager

Australia the place of wonders is blooming with lots of high paying jobs. As a result one of them is the position for a general manager. 

Therefore as per the name their roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Company’s inward and outward operations
  • Assigning the overall budget resources
  • Drafting policies
  • Mentoring the staffs 
  • Organizing the administrative process
  • Conversations with the clients

General projects managers confirms a salary around $35000. They take away home at at least

$4350 per week

Company Secretary

It’s of no hidden point that the career made in law is highly profitable. Nevertheless it becomes a smooth process with the help of secretary trumps barrister or lawyers of the company involved. A company’s secretary roles include authorisation support, administrative issues and clerical balance. This is made to keep the company always on track of profit.

A company’s secretary earns nearly about $32400 which nearly sums up to $4230 a week.

A company’s generally has some qualities in built. Such roles include in business, law proceedings, accountancy in drafting and processing positive public skills.

Head of Operations            

Heads of operation is a profitable job now a days in Australia. They are readily taken in the mining industries to overlook the process. Therefore they take care that the resources are utilized in a proper manner. Nevertheless they also take into account that the business profits are maximized to a level. 

A head of operation is paid $36000 a year which nearly counts to $4,803 a week.

As per research, professionals qualify for this post with at least 10 years experience.They have enough skills and dedication to work up to this rank.


Surgeons are well performed jobs in Australia. They generally treat the paints for diagnosis. Treating patients in operations rooms. Nevertheless providing them with after care of operations. All surgeons have to start their carrier as a  general surgeons. After that you can proceed to specific specialty. General surgeons has a average salary of $305205. Nevertheless they take away $3760 per week.

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