Essential Products to Include in Your Car Cleaning Kit

A car cleaning kit is essential for the hobbyist and car enthusiast alike in order to clean, protect and maintain the paint and tyres of a vehicle. A DIY cleaning kit is a convenient way to keep everything you need to clean your vehicle in one place.

With the number of car wash concentrates, wash mitts and brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which essential products you actually need to include in your cleaning kit. This article will go over some basic essential products every cleaning kit should have so you can protect your investment effortlessly and cost-effectively.

High-Quality Wash Mitt

Too often, car owners underestimate the value of having a high-quality wash mitt in their car cleaning kit. While people typically associate a conventional sponge with being the primary tool used to clean cars, wash mitts possess a few advantages over sponges. For instance, the soft microfibres found on most wash mitts do an excellent job of removing dirt, grime and dust from vehicle paint when compared to a sponge. Microfibres create less friction against your vehicle’s paint and act as a sort of natural buffer, making it unlikely that any dirt or particles will be pushed even deeper into the surface of the paint.

Microfibre wash mitts are also designed to naturally lift particles and dirt. The ability to wear a wash mitt like a glove whilst cleaning your vehicle also reduces strain on your arm and hands and makes the cleaning process less labour intensive overall.

Car Wash Concentrate/Neutral Car Shampoo

A good car wash concentrate, shampoo or cleaner is essential for any car cleaning kit. While there are dozens of car cleaners and shampoos on the market, a concentrated neutral car wash concentrate is a great cost-effective, high-performing and gentle cleaner for beginner and expert detailers alike.

PH neutral car wash concentrates are safe to use on all paint surfaces of not only cars, but also other vehicles such as motorbikes, trucks and boats, making it an excellent value-for-money product and a smart addition to any cleaning kit.

Wheel Cleaner

While protecting and maintaining your vehicle’s paint is important, the wheels of your vehicle go through a lot of wear and tear on the road, so it’s just as vital that they’re adequately cleaned and maintained too.

The best way to do this is to ensure you include a powerful wheel cleaner in your car cleaning kit. Fortunately, there are wheel cleaners on the market that can be used on all wheel types, including clear coated and painted wheels. Application of these products is also straightforward, simple and yields fantastic results that can go a long way to protecting rims and tyres from brake dust, grease and other particles picked up from the road.

Bucket & Microfibre Towels

No car cleaning kit is complete without buckets and microfibre towels. A sturdy bucket with a grit guard attached will force dirt and particles to stay in the bottom of the bucket during the wash process and stop them from getting back onto your wash mitt. Getting your car wet means you’ll also have to get it dry again. A microfibre drying towel is easily the best tool for this purpose and an essential addition to any cleaning kit. The soft microfibres in these towels offer superior absorption and ensure you can dry your vehicle quickly and effectively without scratching the paintwork.

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