Which statement best describes ICS Form 201?

A. It contains status information for briefing the incoming Incident Commander or other incoming resources.

B. It allows a Single Resource Unit Leader to track major activities during each operational period.

C. Lists all resources and organization assignments for the upcoming operations period

D. It is completed by the Safety Officer in order to address safety concerns and identify mitigation measures.


The statement that best describes ICS Form 201 is:

A. It contains status information for briefing the incoming Incident Commander or other incoming resources.

ICS Form 201, also known as the “Incident Briefing” form, is used to provide essential information to incoming resources, including the Incident Commander, to ensure a smooth transition of command and to brief them on the current situation and resource assignments.One of the key components of ICS is Form 201, often referred to as the “Incident Briefing” form. Let’s take a closer look at its key features and why it is indispensable in managing complex incidents.

Information Sharing

During an incident, especially large-scale ones, a smooth transition of command is essential. The outgoing Incident Commander and their team must effectively brief the incoming Incident Commander and personnel. ICS Form 201 serves as a structured means of sharing this vital information. It provides a clear snapshot of the situation, making it easier for the new leadership to assume control promptly and effectively.

Status Updates

The form contains valuable status updates about the incident. This includes details on the current situation, including the size and scope of the incident, containment efforts, and any hazards that may be present. Status information helps the incoming Incident Commander understand what they are dealing with and what measures have been taken thus far.

Resource Assignments

One of the key aspects of ICS Form 201 is documenting resource assignments. This includes the allocation of personnel, equipment, and other assets to specific tasks or areas of operation. Clearly outlining resource assignments ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding their roles and responsibilities, reducing confusion and enhancing coordination.

Safety Information

Safety is paramount in incident management. ICS Form 201 may also include information related to safety concerns and mitigation measures. The safety officer may use this form to highlight potential hazards, suggest precautions, and recommend safety measures that should be observed by all personnel on the scene.

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