Which NIMS guiding principle supports interoperability among multiple organizations?

A. Unity of Effort
B. Adaptability
C. Standardization
D. Flexibility


C. Standardization supports interoperability among multiple organizations. Standardization means developing and using common systems, procedures, and protocols to facilitate communication and coordination among multiple organizations. By using standardized language, procedures, and technology, different organizations can work together more effectively and efficiently during emergency response operations. This principle is essential for promoting interoperability and ensuring a coordinated response among multiple organizations.


What is NIMS?

NIMS is a comprehensive framework and approach to emergency management that provides a standardized set of guidelines and procedures for all levels of government, private sector organizations, and non-governmental organizations to work together during a wide range of incidents.

What are the key components of NIMS?

The key components of NIMS include command and management, preparedness, resource management, communications and information management, and ongoing management and maintenance.

What is the purpose of NIMS?

The purpose of NIMS is to provide a common, standardized framework for emergency management that facilitates coordination and communication between different organizations, jurisdictions, and levels of government.

What is the Incident Command System (ICS)?

ICS is a component of NIMS that provides a standardized approach to incident management. It includes a set of management principles and procedures for organizing and managing resources during emergency incidents.

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