Top 8 Companies in Australia in 2021


BHP group has roughly acquired a market of 183.17 billion US dollars. It has also secured a market share of 165 billion US dollars. The BHP group gathered itself as the top Australian company in 2021.Its revenue is 42.931 Billon USD. Its net income is 8.736 Billon USD for the year 2020. BHP is generally an Anglo as well as an Australian company. It is mainly associated with the mining, metals, and petroleum industry.

It has a lot of commodities like iron, gold, and coal. It has become one of the global giants emerging worldwide. It operates from Melbourne, Australia. It currently has more than 80000+ employees in 2021

The company has ranked up to a position of 93. It is one of the most publically listed companies in the 2020 Forbes Global list. It secures its place in Australian Security Exchanges as well as in the London stock exchange

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Common Wealth Bank of Australia has secured its place as the second-largest company in Australia. As a result, it was announced as the largest bank in Australia. It has a market value of 137.93 billion USD. It is readily trading itself in the Australian Securities Exchange. It has a world rank of 111 and a market value of 112 billion USD in January 2021.

The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia is mainly dealing with banking and the sector related to the management of wealth. It mainly deals with :

  • Investment banking
  • Business banking
  • Finance banking
  • Insurance banking
  • Asset management
  • Consumer banking

Nevertheless, as it is the largest banking sector it has a wider range of customers in the mid-Australia region, United States, United kingdom, New Zealand regions, and Asia. It finds its connection through 1100+ branches and 4300+ ATMs

Trans urban

The Australian organization Trans urban has a widespread market share. As a result, it has a market capitalization of 117.81 billion USD. Nevertheless, it is considered the largest toll operator in the world. Trans urban is now popularly known as the third-largest company in the world. It mainly deals with infrastructure and well-developed organization to manage design, building high story buildings, and developing an urban network on trolling roads

Nevertheless, this company finds its role in the R&D of the road. It also helps in-vehicle safety technologies. Also in ensuring the production of toll payment system to organize the citizens in a disciplined structure. Initially, it was founded in 1999 but it finds its  wide spread wings  in the United states , Canada and Australia

CSL Limited

CSL Limited has gained a market capitalization value of 101.83 billion US dollars. It has reached a market value of 99.060 billion US dollars. CSL limited mainly deals with biotechnology. It has acquired the position of the fourth-largest company in the world. The company has a net worth profit of 1810 million us dollars after paying taxes in the year ending 31st December.

It was initially founded in the year 1916. This iconic brand mainly deals with the pharmaceuticals industry, biotechnology-related products, and supplying essential goods to health care industries.

Nevertheless, it finds its role in the marketing sector, manufacturing industries, developing sectors, dealing with the growth of medical products like lab products, anti-venom, and blood plasma related derivative products

Westpac Banking Corp

Westpac Banking Corp has reached up to the position of providing the second largest financial services in the whole world. It is the fifth-largest largest overall company in Australia. It has a market capitalization of 74.01 billion US dollars. It also has a market value of Us dollars.

Nevertheless, established in the year 1817, its headquarters in Sydney. Westpac Banking Corp is the only company that is providing the oldest financial services. It is popularised as the largest bank of Australia  out spreading its roots in the Pacific region, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The company has a proven sheet of the annual revenue of 19.86 Billon AUD and an annual net income of 2.28 Billon AUD in September 2020.

National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank stands out from the market by being the third largest bank in Australia. Nevertheless, it has ranked to a 6th position maintaining an overall market capitalization of 69.02 billion US dollars and also a comfortable market value of 55.267 billion US dollars.

The National Australia Bank provides financial services to the citizen. It mainly deals with business-related products, wholesale selling of products, consumer banking along insurance. providing institutional banking, asset management, and of course deals with wealth management.  

It has recorded annual revenue of 17.261 billion AUD and a net profit income of 2.559 billon AUD

ANZ Banking Bank

ANZ Banking Bank has reached the list as the fourth largest bank of Australia. ANZ Banking Bank Group has a market capitalization value of 63.32 billion US dollars. It has reached a market value of 48.848 billion US dollars

Initially established in the years of 1951, is the second and third largest bank according to assets and market capitalization and probably the largest in Australia. The MNC has proved its annual revenue and annual net profit  income at 17.54 billion AUD or and 3.57 billion AUD for September 2020


Atlassian has its uniqueness as it is the first company that is software based. Nevertheless, it has entered the list of the top 20 due to its unique service. It has a market capitalization of 57.98 billion US dollars. 

Considering the year ending 31st March 2021, it produced annual revenue of 1.960 billion dollars. It also showed a rise of 29.1% and also there was a rapid increase in employee count for Q3 Fiscal year 2021.

Established in the year 2002, Atlassian provides a wide range of products like Bamboo, Jira, Trello. It further has the interest of confluence for software developers, projects leaders, and software developers teams. One of the hidden facts lies here that company only corporates through the partners channels and websites for security purposes. It make the company unique in their approach.

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