How to Choose The Right Floor Scrubber Machine For Cleaning Schools & Universities?

It is a well-known fact that the environment directly affects learning and education in schools and colleges. With a proper environment, it has been found that the quality of learning improves significantly.

Bright colours, cleanliness, and order help improve concentration in young adults and full-grown adults. We all need a calm and clean environment to focus and receive the knowledge imparted by the teachers. 

Why Is It Essential to Use The Right Floor Scrubbers For Cleaning Schools and Universities?

Schools, universities, libraries, kindergartens, and study halls are some places that experience a high amount of foot traffic throughout the day. This is another significant reason for frequently cleaning these places to prevent them from becoming bacterial or virus cross-contamination hotspots.

Therefore, environmental cleanliness is as essential as personal cleanliness to prevent another epidemic. All institutions dedicated to learning and imparting knowledge must first and foremost employ commercial cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers and sweepers for properly cleaning their premises.

Whether it is a district public school or an international university, the importance of commercial cleaning machines, especially floor scrubbers, must never be undermined.

The Challenges Involved In Cleaning Schools and University Building Floors:

The constant bustle of students and teachers and the high foot traffic during the school year make it challenging to clean and sanitise the floors properly. Even with the most dedicated janitorial staff, keeping the floors squeaky clean becomes difficult.

Here are some of the major contributing factors behind the unclean environment in schools and universities:

  • Eating and drinking in common areas
  • A large volume of people resulting in high foot traffic
  • Low standard of personal hygiene
  • Lack of proper commercial cleaning equipment

To sum it up, the management of schools and universities will have to upgrade their cleaning services and invest in the latest models of floor scrubbers and sweepers to achieve a high level of cleanliness. The only way to mitigate these challenges is to bring in industrial equipment for cleaning the premises of educational institutions.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Correct Floor Scrubber

As far as floor cleaning is concerned, nothing does a better job than floor scrubbers. It not only cleans the floor efficiently but also reduces cleaning time significantly – something that cannot be achieved through manual labour.

You can efficiently clean classrooms, corridors, gymnasiums, study rooms, libraries, and auditoriums with floor scrubber rental. A floor scrubber should, however, be selected after considering several factors. These aspects will help you get the best floor scrubber rental and avoid nasty surprises during cleaning.

Here are some of the aspects to consider before investing in a commercial floor scrubber for schools and universities:

Floor Type:

Floor types are mostly purpose-specific, especially in schools and universities. For example, wooden floors in gyms, carpeted classrooms for elementary schools, and concrete entryways are cleaned and maintained differently.

So, choose a floor scrubber depending on the floor you want to clean. There are different kinds of floor scrubbers available for rental that are designed in a way to deliver multi-surface cleaning.

For outdoor use, invest in a floor sweeper rather than a scrubber. However, if you want to deep clean the floors of schools and universities, you’ll need commercial cleaning equipment.

What Kind of Floor Scrubber Would Be Ideal For Cleaning?

There are two kinds of scrubbers in the market, namely:

  • Ride-on scrubbers
  • Walk-behind scrubbers

At first glance, you might notice little difference between a ride-on and a walk-behind scrubber. You will, however, find some differences between the two that will help you during the cleaning process. 

Suppose you want floor scrubbers to clean large areas like corridors, hallways, and gyms. In that case, it is best to invest in a ride-on scrubber as it is less labour-intensive and reduces cleaning time to a great extent.

On the other hand, walk-behind scrubbers clean smaller areas and floor spaces where the machine must manoeuvre. So, choosing the type of scrubber you want is essential before going forward with the investment.

Size of the Space That Needs To Be Cleaned:

Gauge the total square foot of the area that has to be cleaned. For example, most floor scrubber rental companies will require the floor area the machine needs to cover before recommending a piece of equipment.

Generally, it is more cost-effective to clean large spaces with ride-on scrubbers and smaller floor areas with walk-behind scrubbers. Apart from assessing the floor area, you must also evaluate the width of corridors, hallways, and narrow aisles to choose a scrubber that can pass through them quickly without bumping into corners or walls.

In Conclusion:

Finding the right floor scrubber is essential for professional deep cleaning. You will want a machine within your budget that fulfils all your requirements. These tips will assist you in choosing the right floor scrubber for your educational institution.

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