How to see liked posts on Instagram?

According to a statistic of Statista “up to October 2021, the number of Active Instagram users is 1.39 billion”. Now it’s the No 4 popular social media platform in terms of the active user. The 1st position is held by Facebook with 2.89 billion active users which is another product of Meta. Easy photo and video sharing in addition to reel recording features with different filters make it so popular among the content creators.

Today in this blog we will shades light on why we need to see our old liked posts and how to see liked posts on Instagram.

Why do we need to see old liked posts?

  • Sometimes we all reminisce old memories in life. Likewise, we love to check our old activities on social media profiles too. This is one of the main reasons to check old liked posts.
  • There could be many more reasons like, you want to follow the account now that you liked before but you can’t remind it.
  • You realized that it was not the right decision to like a specific post. Through the liked posts section, you can access it and reverse the like back.

Don’t worry, the good news for Instagrammer is that, it allows users to discover old liked posts. This app keeps the liked buttons that you tapped before.

Note:  Instagram only keeps a record of 300 recent liked posts history. So, if you want to see more old liked details then there is no way to discover it.

How to see liked posts on Instagram?

It’s very easy to access the liked post section. Just follow the below steps to discover it without fail.
These steps are for iPhone users. In android, the process is quite the same but you can find the option of each step in a different location.

  1. Log in to your profile and tap on the profile icon

    Open the Instagram app login to your account with the required credential. After that, you will notice the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the homepage.
    Instagram profile icon

  2. Go to setting

    After tapping on the account icon, a three-line bar will be displayed in the top right corner. Press on it. You will find a pop-up menu section on the lower page. Then click on the setting option.

    three line menu bar in Instagram

  3. Choose the account option

    After clicking on the setting option choose the account option and click on it.

    Instagram account option

  4. Last Step

    Finally, you will find the “Posts you’ve liked” option. Click on it to explore which posts you have liked before.

    Post you've like in Instagram


How do you remove posts you liked on Instagram?

By following the above method first discover the liked post and reverse the like back.

How do you see posts others have liked on Instagram?

Literally, there is no way of checking other people’s likes on Instagram. Some third-party apps may do this task for you.

How do you hide likes on Instagram?

Open settings. Then go to privacy and tap on the posts. You will find an option to hide like and view count.
Hide like and view count

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