How Property Investors Can Reduce Tax Down To Zero!

Kerry Packer as soon as said, “If every person on this united states of america doesn’t decrease their tax, they need their heads read”. Coming from one in every of Australia’s maximum a success commercial enterprise moguls, that recommendation is tough to argue with – mainly in relation to assets investment!

Those who personal actual property are difficulty to many, special types of tax. Some tax is unavoidable. Other types of tax are legally, 100% avoidable – or at the least capable of be decreased substantially.

With the Victorian authorities these days pronouncing a upward thrust in the land tax threshold it’s even greater vital that assets buyers realize wherein they are able to and ought to decrease the tax they pay.


All states and territories have land tax on land aside from your number one vicinity of house over a sure quantity. These quantities vary from country to country with Victoria now main the fee with the best quantity of land tax in the united states.

The first-rate manner to keep away from land tax as an investor isn’t always to go the edge on how a good deal land price you personal. There are numerous methods to do this:


Once again, the quantity of stamp responsibility you pay will range from country to country. Reducing the quantity of stamp responsibility you pay may be executed in case you purchase:

A inexpensive assets

Land with a name to build, however no bodily assets on site

A today’s assets


Every time you promote an asset that has liked in price, you pay capital profits tax (CGT). The first-rate manner to keep away from this, and a main mantra at Positive Real Estate is…“Buy well, in no way promote!”

You can keep away from paying 100% CGT in case you in no way promote your assets.

There also are a few different exemptions and discounts referring to the quantity of CGT you pay if:

A assets is your foremost vicinity of house

A assets is a number one commercial enterprise house

You personal belongings to your super

Talk to the professionals at Positive Real Estate to discover in case you’re eligible for any of those exemptions.


Owning 4 or 5 new houses will entitle you to sufficient discounts to your assessable earnings that you may lower the quantity of earnings tax you pay from 37.5% to simply 5%.

This will rely upon the fine of the houses so make certain you’re getting right recommendation from human beings just like the coaches and mentors at Positive Real Estate, who will let you pick the proper types of assets for investment.


How you navigate thru your tax duties as a assets investor could have giant effect for your capacity to create wealth.

Learn greater at one in every of our loose assets investor seminars.

Here, you’ll be geared up with the tools, assets and help to thrive, and now no longer fall in the back of for your direction to monetary freedom – anything that could appear to be for you.

Book your spot now and discover what you want to realize approximately the contemporary marketplace panorama and the way you may make it paintings for the last wealth introduction opportunities.

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